We have a no-declaw policy.  Please do not purchase from us if you intend to declaw.

 Updated November 24, 2020 


Hello Friends! I have two new litters due in November, December, and January.  I will post photos when kittens are old enough to photograph, and price them that time. Taking deposits for early reservation.

~Bonnie~ Fawn Lynx Point Female.  Beautifully marked kitten. Pretty blue eyes, silky coat. Wonderful Ragdoll personality. Playful, sweet and affectionate. Priced at $1800 includes spay/shots. Ready around the end of November.  *SOLD*

~Blue Star~ Blue Mitted Female. Beautifully marked kitten. Wonderful sweet Ragdoll personality.  Loving, playful, sweet kitten. She will roll over for a belly rub! Spayed and ready to go. Available due to a last minute cancellation.  Price is $1600 spayed/vaccinated. *SOLD*

~Dusty~ Blue Bicolor Male. Show quality kitten. Perfectly marked kitten with soft silky coat. Excellent eye color.  Pictured here at only 5 weeks of age.  Wonderful gentle personality. Will be a gorgeous adult. Ready around the end of October. Priced at $2800 includes neuter/shots.  *SOLD*

~Boo~ Solid Blue Male. Stunning silver blue colored kitten from my cinnamon line. Non-traditional. Eyes will be green or gold. Wonderful Ragdoll personality, Beautiful kitten! Ready around mid November. Priced at $1600 neuter/shots included.   *SOLD*

~Minnie~ Blue Mitted Female. Large expressive eyes, with a cute little hourglass blaze. Evenly matched mittens and boots. Super sweet loving personality. Ready mid/end of November. Priced at $1600 includes spay/shots.  *SOLD*

~Sprite~ Cinnamon Bicolor Male. Deep blue eyes, plush coat. All traditional kitten. Wonderful Ragdoll personality. Pet quality bicolor. Ready around mid November. Priced at $1600 includes neuter/shots.  *SOLD*

~Jackson~ Seal Bicolor Male. Nicely marked kitten with Excellent eye color. Plush coat. Gentle loving personality, Ragdoll personality. Priced at $1800 includes neuter/shots. Ready around Mid November. *SOLD*

~Snowy~ Lilac Bicolor Female. Perfectly marked kitten with expressive sky blue eyes.  Beautiful little girl kitten with a wonderful sweet Ragdoll personality. Ready around the end of November. Priced at $2200 includes spay/shots. *SOLD*

~Frankie~ Fawn Mink Mitted Male. Beautiful traditional kitten in a rare fawn color.  Super soft coat, sweet, gentle personality. Priced at $1800 includes neuter/shots. Ready around mid November.  *SOLD

~Princess~ Lilac Mitted Female.  Excellent quality kitten, evenly matched mittens and boots with a perfect hourglass blaze. Excellent eye color, deep dark blue. Ultra soft coat. Wonderful Ragdoll personality, calm, gentle and loving. Ready mid/end of November. Priced at $1800 includes spay/shots.  *SOLD*

~Prissy~ Chocolate Bicolor Female. Beautifully marked kitten with deep blue eyes.  Gentle, sweet personality. Ready mid/end of October. Priced at $2200 includes spay/shots. *SOLD

~Missy~ Seal Lynx Point Female. Excellent eye color, beautifully marked kitten with super soft plush coat. Friendly, playful,  loving personality. Ready around mid November. Priced at $1600 includes spay/shots.  *SOLD*

~Sammy~ Seal Mitted Male. Perfectly marked kitten with excellent eye color. Lots of coat. Wonderful Ragdoll personality. Priced at $1600. Neuter/shots included.  Ready around the end of May.  *SOLD*

Pricing: Kittens are individually priced according to quality.   I will price them when individual photos are posted.  You may leave a deposit at anytime, but I can't give you a price on immature kittens.  A deposit places you ahead of others without deposits, and will shorten your wait for a kitten.


Prices include: spay/neuter, first vaccinations, written contract/guarantee, TICA registration, starter kit(includes food & toys).  Lifetime advice and assistance. Ragdoll kittens for sale in Wisconsin.  We ship Ragdoll kittens within the US if you can't pick up at our home. Go home dates are approximate and are subject to change depending  on the kitten's readiness.  ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

I'm currently taking deposits using SQUARE.  The deposit to reserve a pet kitten is $207.  SQUARE charges a 3% handling fee, so you will be asked to cover the additional fee that is the $7.  If you are paying for your kitten in full via SQUARE, then you will be expected to pay the 3% fee on the balance due.   The deposit on a Show kitten is $515.  I will email you a SQUARE invoice.  Generally I like to take the deposit via SQUARE, and then you pay balance due in cash when you pick up.  I do not take personal checks, but will accept a cashier check in my name. 



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