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Ocassionally we have adult Ragdolls available for sale to approved homes. While I would love to keep each and every one of my Ragdolls forever, this is just not possible if I want to continue breeding. Most adult Ragdolls would prefer a quiet home where they can be spoiled rotten, and get plenty of love.  

If you have young children or other pets I highly recommend getting a kitten instead, as they are more adaptable than an adult cat.  There will be an adoption fee for each kitty to help cover the cost of spay and neuter. Each Ragdoll will be individually priced according to age, sex, color/pattern and quality.

Please keep in mind that it will take longer for an adult Ragdoll to settle into a new home.  There will be lots of hiding at first, so if you are not the "patient type", please consider a kitten instead.  Hiding is a normal activity for cats that are going through a big change.  Hiding can last anywhere from a few days, to several weeks, and in rare cases a month or more.  Each animal is an individual with it's own personality.  If you follow instructions given your Ragdoll will eventually settle in, and you will be very pleased.  Due to added stress I do NOT ship adult cats. 

If you are inquiring about adopting an adult please phone, or send me an email. Tell me a little about yourself.  It is important to match the kitty up with the right home.  I want  you both to be happy.  

This is Mittens. She is a seal mitted female, five years old and spayed. Very sweet kitty. Available to an approved home. Adoption fee is $395. Contact me for details email:

~Tinkerbelle~ Seal Mitted Female.  Sweet, loving and quiet kitty.  Excellent eye color.  She has and extremely long coat that requires regular grooming or it will mat.  So please only someone who is willing to keep up with that.  Six years old.  I will spay before adoption.  ****ADOPTED*****

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