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Fun at the Cat Show

When I began breeding Ragdoll cats 25 years ago I attended many cat shows.  This is where I learned how to tell the difference between a pet quality kitten and a show quality kitten.  Over the years I have developed a good eye for spotting a show quality Ragdoll kitten at a young age.  I've had many years to perfect my lines and most of my kittens are of excellent to show quality potential.  


If you are purchasing a Ragdoll kitten please consider taking it to a few shows, it's so much fun winning those ribbons, and meeting new people who love cats as much as you do.  If you are interested in showing please let me know and I can set you up with a suitable kitten.  All colors and patterns can be shown, but the bicolor Ragdolls are the highest in demand for someone who is very serious about showing.  If you just want to attend a few shows for fun a mitted or colorpoint will be more affordable.

ACFA Grand Champion Starliterags Rock Star (Rocky) Chocolate Lynx Bicolor

ACFA Show Central Wisconsin Cat Club.

ACFA Quadruple Champion Starliterags Puff Daddy Red Point Mitted

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