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Hello Friends. Please take the time to look over my entire website. It took a long time to put this together, and some of your questions may already be answered here.  If you still have questions please ask, and I will do my best to answer.  On my home page there is also a link to Starliterags Facebook page and my Starliterags Instagram.  There are tons of photos and videos posted there.


Contact: Email: is the best way to reach me. I check my email often throughout the day.  Email is my preferred way to communicate. You can also text (715)340-3435, or phone.  If phoning evenings are best, mornings and afternoons I'm very busy taking care of cats and kittens, and it is difficult for me to drop everything and take a phone call. My name is Ann J. Lang. We are located in central Wisconsin.

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HOW TO PURCHASE: A deposit is required to reserve a kitten. The deposit goes towards payment of the kitten and reserves a kitten specifically for you. Once you place a deposit I will turn away other customers so ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. I take deposits via SQUARE. The deposit on a pet kitten is $200 + $7.00 processing fee. The deposit on a show quality kitten is $500 + $15.00 processing fee.


Final payment is due in CASH when you pick up, no personal checks.  Or you can prepay at least two weeks prior to pick up using SQUARE.  There will be a 3% processing fee attached to any payment made with SQUARE.  That is what SQUARE charges for their service.  You don't need to have SQUARE to make a payment. I simply email you an invoice and then you make payment with a credit card. It's very easy. 

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    WAITING LIST: I'm getting so many inquiries that I've started a waiting list. 

HOW MY WAITING LIST WORKS: A deposit is required to get on my waiting list. You may request any color/pattern/sex kitten. However, if you are more flexible you will most likely get a kitten quicker than someone who only wants a specific color/pattern/sex kitten. Kittens are individually priced according to quality/color/pattern. 


Once kittens are old enough, I will price them. Then I will take individual photos each kitten, and post the photos to my AVAILABLE KITTEN PAGE. Once photos are posted I will start contacting people by email. The people waiting the longest will get the first chance to take the kitten.  If they pass on a kitten I will contact the next person on my list. I try to make things as fair as possible.  The best way to get a kitten is to get on my waiting list. That way you are guaranteed to get a kitten.  If you don't want to place a deposit I can place you on standby, but there is no guarantee that you will get a kitten, you will be contacted after I've gone through my entire list.  Please be patient as kittens need time to grow.  

When kittens reach 3lbs my vet will spay/neuter. After a recovery period usually 3-4 days for a male kitten, and 7-12 days for a female kitten. GO HOME DATES ARE ESTIMATES AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON THE KITTEN'S READINESS.  Please be prepared to pick up your kitten when it is ready to go.  I'm sorry but I can't hold a kitten for you for a month because you have a vacation planned. That is a lot of extra work for me and it's not fair to the kitten. So please make sure that the timing is right for you and plan accordingly.  


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ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHS: Over the years I've learned how to take professional quality photos of my cats/kittens. I understand that everyone wants to see photos of their kitten.  I will do my best to send you some updated photos of your kitten a few times, and you will get some VERY nice photos. However, photographing kittens is very difficult and a time consuming process. Kittens don't sit still, most are very active, and some are near impossible to photograph. This requires me to take lots of photos of each kitten. Then I have to load on my computer and go through each photo and save the best of the lot. I will also photograph the entire litter, so everyone will get photos of their kitten.  I can easily spend an entire afternoon on photos and I just don't have time to take photos every week. I will update when I feel that the kitten has significantly changed and time is permitting. 

This is my business and I do everything myself. Most of my time goes towards caring for my cats/kittens. My day starts out with cleaning my entire cattery and nurseries, feeding, grooming, socializing, bottle feeding, birthing kittens, running to the vet, laundry cat beds and blankets, answering emails, texts, phone calls, working on my website. As you can see I have lots to do and I need to manage my time. I also have family commitments, and need to spend time with my family.   So please don't get upset if I tell you that I don't have time to take photos.  Soon you will be taking your kitten home and you can send me photos LOL.

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