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  ~ Cinnamon & Fawn Ragdolls ~

Cinnamon & Fawn are ultra rare colors in the Ragdoll.  Cinnamon is a reddish brown color and Fawn is a dilute of cinnamon.  I've been researching these colors for several years, and finally purchased a breeding pair in 2016.  My two foundation breeders are TICA registered Ragdolls.  Starliterags Cinnamon Ragdolls.

This is Dollnouveau Max of Starliterags.  He is a cinnamon bicolor non traditional.  Max has exceptional type, beautiful coat and a wonderful personality.  Max is my foundation stud that will be used in my cinnamon program.  He is a TICA registered Ragdoll. Max has been DNA tested Cinnamon, and HCM N/N (negative).

This is Dollnouveau Minnie of Starliterags.  She is a cinnamon mink classic tabby Ragdoll.  Minnie is my foundation queen in my cinnamon program.  She is very affectionate, beautiful super soft coat, such a wonderful kitty.  She loves to retrieve and will do it hundreds of times.  She is 100% registered Ragdoll. Minnie has been DNA tested Cinnamon Mink, HCM N/N (negative).

My very first litter from Max and Minnie produced four kittens.  Two cinnamon mink bicolors, a cinnamon mink classic tabby and a stunning cinnamon classic tabby mitted.  Absolutely beautiful kittens!!!  I will be keeping the cinnamon mink bicolor female and the cinnamon classic tabby female.

Since my foundation cinnamon breeders are non traditional Ragdolls I may be producing some non traditional kittens. Mink, sepia, and solids are registered Ragdolls, but are not eligible for championship competition. The eye color may be blue, aqua, green, or gold.   These colors have been around since the beginning of the Ragdoll breed, a handful of breeders loved these colors and decided to continue breeding them. 

My second cinnamon litter was a breeding between Max and Starliterags Juniper Rose (chocolate point).  This breeding produced seven kittens: four chocolate sepia bicolors, two chocolate sepia mitteds, and one chocolate point bicolor.  Four of the bicolors are perfectly marked, all kittens have blue eyes, and are carrying the cinnamon & color point gene.

My third litter was very interesting because I bred Max with a lilac lynx point female.  There were three kittens in the litter, two chocolate mitted classic tabby females, and a chocolate lynx bicolor male with excellent eye color.  All kittens carry the cinnamon, chocolate and color point genes.  I could get some very interesting kittens from those tabby girls, a lilac tabby would be stunning.

Hello friends! After almost four years of work I'm finally starting to get some cinnamon kittens. I'm loving the colors that I'm getting and a few surprises along the way. This keeps breeding fresh for me. Most are currently non traditional colors, like mink, sepia and solids. I'm working towards color points, lynx and a cinnamon tortie would be so gorgeous.  This is a work in progress, and I'm going to continue with this program. I've added a photo gallery below and will put up pictures of my kittens from these cinnamon lines.  Please go to my available kitten page to see kittens that are for sale currently.  Look below for photos of beautiful cinnamons.

Scroll through the photo gallery above to see more cinnnamons

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