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Shipping Information

There is currently NO SHIPPING due to Covid 19.   Delta is only allowing direct flights to ship animals.  That means that I can no longer ship from my airport, and would need to drive to a major airport to ship a kitten. It would be an entire day driving to and back from an airport, impossible for me to do and still have time to care for my cats and kittens. You must pick up in person, or hire a pet transporter. I'm in central Wisconsin. If hiring a pet transporter please hire a flight nanny, otherwise the kitten could spend several days in a van with other animals. This would be very stressful for the kitten, and it will probably not eat in that type of environment. I strongly suggest that you (or a friend) fly in and pick up the kitten in person. I can meet you at CWA with the kitten. 

We provide shipping for our clients who can't pick up. We can ship to most major airports in the U.S.  We ship Delta airlines from Central Wisconsin Airport.  We have been shipping successfully since 1992.  Shipping is safe, however there are restrictions due to weather.  Delta does  not allow shipping if temps go above 80 degrees or below 20 degrees.  It is important that I carefully watch the weather and ship on the most desirable day based on temperatures.  It may not be possible for you to pick the most convenient day.  You must be flexible with pick up times as I have no control over arrival times and available flights.  I will not drive to the airport in snowy/icey conditions, and there are sure to be cancellations if winter storms arrive. 

The current shipping cost is $389.00 Shipping costs include the following:  Delta airfare, a USDA veterinary health certificate(required), an airline approved kennel with fleece pad (food & toys attached), and transport to the airport.  Shipping costs are subject to change.  

You must pay for your kitten in full, plus shipping costs, and the 3% processing fee via Square at least two weeks prior to shipping.  I will not ship until payment has cleared.  You can also pre-pay with a cashier check and save the processing fee, please allow ample time for mailing.  A delay in payment will slow the process down.

I will ship in a medium sized cat carrier.  I attach a soft fleece bed to the kennel. Food/water containers, and an assortment of toys are also included. This is an example of the type of kennel that I use.  Kennels/fleece beds may vary depending on availability.

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