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Starliterags Cattery Happy Clients.

Our Ragdoll Ezra was born on 01/16/20. Ezra is a fabulous cat. He's extremely social and follows us all around the house. He knows his name and even comes when we call him!! He loves to sit next to us on the couch or chair, and greets us at the door.  He gets along great with our two black labs, and actually plays with the "puppy" who is just six months younger than he is. Ezra has been a great addition to our family.  *Kristine Olson - Stillwater Mn.

Kristine has offered to give a referral via email:


My husband and I have been absolutely delighted with our three Ragdolls from Starliterags. We started with Caboodle, the Flame Point, then added Whimsy, the Lilac Mitted, and lastly adopted Moxie(Seal Lynx) after her career as Mommy was over. Their temperament, their beauty, and their love of their family makes them ideal cats. We lost Caboodle at almost 17, and plan to add a new kitten next year. Thanks Ann! 

~ Janice Marshall.

Our beautiful Violet is a Lilac Bicolor. She has been an amazing addition to our family. Violet loves to follow us around the house, greet us at the door, snuggle us in bed, loves our children and other pets, especially her kitty sisters! I would recommend another kitty friend as they are very affectionate and love to snuggle. Ann was great to work with and very responsive to my emails and any questions we had. We absolutely adore Violet. ~ Kristen Piatz - Bismark North Dakota

Kristen has offered to provide a referral via email.


Luna(Blue Mitted) was our first cat ever, and she was such an amazing addition to our family. She loves to cuddle and be near our family. We call her "cat dog", because she responds to her name, waits by the back door when we get home etc... We said we were a one cat family, but we couldn't resist the beauty of Bandit(Black Bicolor), and his personality was even better! He's our playful kitty who has endless energy but also loves to cuddle. Our 3 year old has to be near him at all times and he just soaks it up! Ann has been wonderful to work with as a new cat family and a second time customer. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a Ragdoll!  ~Sarah Jensen

Sarah has offered to give a referral via email.


Loki and Marie. "Both kiddos love going on adventures with me! During the summer they both loved our little outings to the beach, and we even drove to Tennessee to go hiking this past  fall! I can't believe they're almost 3 years old! Time is flying by and I'm so grateful for everyday I get to spend with these two. I couldn't be happier, I really hit the jackpot and got the two most perfect Ragdolls".  ~Rachel Donaldson

Rachel has offered to give a referral via email:


We have two of your kitties, Louie and Coco. Louie is a seal mitted, and Coco is a cinnamon.  They have been the best additions to our family. They are so sweet and loving. If we ever find ourselves in need of a kitty we will definitely go through you. * Jodi Otto. 

Email Jodi for a reference:

Our beautiful blue lynx Ragdoll is named Princess Bonnibell Bubblegum(Bonni). She has been such a great addition to our family. She is always happy to greet guests and gets along well with our two dogs. She has adjusted so well with our now 1 year old. Everyone is amazed with how beautiful and sweet she is when they meet her. We love her so much and are so thankful for her!  *Rachel L. Harris - Waukesha WI.

We picked up our boys in July 2012.  Kirby (left) blue bicolor, and Niko (right), seal mitted lynx. Not only are our boys very handsome, they are very smart, funny, and lovey. They love belly rubs, snuggling, and being wherever we are. They keep us laughing all the time! We are so grateful to have found Ann. She has the most beautiful kitties!  We love our Raggies :).

    ~ John and Carla Salzwedel~

This is Bear. He is a beautiful lilac Bicolor owned and loved by Jessica Sperstad.  He is a sweet and big kitty. 

This is Prince LouE Purrsmore Erichsen A.K.A. LouE.  "We adore this little guy so much! He is such a sweet talkative boy! Owner Jodi Erichsen.

This is BigBoy and Mousie.  "Thank you so much for these beautiful kidcats!!! I don't know what we would do without them!!! ~ I entered Mousie in a photo contest last year and she was chosen to be hand painted by a gal in Spain. She did an amazing job!!!" 

*Sherry Ketterling Freeborn MN.

This is S'morgy and Peri. "They are best buddies. The two of them and out dog play nonstop. S'morgy is eating everything in sight and is still growing fast he is 11 pounds now. We love them so much!"

*Kathleen Baker

This is Lucy. She is a Seal Lynx Point. Owned and loved by Sandy Diek.

Lilac Mitted Lynx. Pretty as a picture. Owned and loved by Sheryl Paisley.

This is Annie and Fancy. Owned and loved by Lisa Burno.

Whimsy, Caboodle and Foxy Miss. Owned and loved by Janice Marshall.

This is Hank. He is a blue bicolor. "Such a wonderful addition to our home. He is quite the lover, and has the loudest purr".  *Owned and loved by Carol Lester.

This is Loki. He is a seal mitted lynx. Owned and loved by Tara Corson. Look at that eye color!!!

This page is under construction.  If you are a past client and want to be included here please email me a good quality photograph, and a paragraph telling me about your Ragdoll.  I'm also looking for a few people who would be willing to give a reference via email. Thank you.  Starliterags Ragdoll kittens for sale in Wisconsin.  We ship Ragdoll kittens.

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